SUN Junjian Meets with Prof. Luis A.J. MUR


On October 23rd, Professor Luis A.J. MUR, board members of Aberystwyth University, director of the Metabolic Center and Dean of the School of Animal Husbandry of the University, visited HENU. SUN Junjian, HENU Party committee member and vice president, met with guests at HENU School of Life Sciences.

SUN Junjian warmly welcomed Luis A.J. MUR and briefly introduced the history of HENU and the situation of double first-class disciplines, as well as the background of cooperation between the two universities and the preparation for the establishment of Joint Research Center of Multi Group of HENU and Aberystwyth University.

Professor Luis A.J. MUR said that the two universities have great prospects for cooperation in modern agriculture, biotechnology, joint training of talents, construction of scientific research platform. He was willing to carry out in-depth cooperation with HENU, and hoped to jointly apply for intergovernmental international cooperation projects.

Under the common witness, SUN Junjian signed the Henan University - Aberystwyth University Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement.

After the meeting, Luis A.J. MUR visited the National Key Laboratory of Crop Adversity Adaptation and Improvement and the cultural corridor of HENU School of Life Sciences, and made a academic report for the graduate students of the Key Laboratory.