HENU - Macquarie University Biomedical Joint Innovation Center is Officially Established


On October 17th, the opening ceremony of the Biomedical Joint Innovation Center of HENU and Macaulay University was held. Professor Sakkie PRETORIUS, vice president of Macaulay University in Australia, and SUN Junjian, HENU Party committee member and vice president, attended the ceremony.

HENU President SONG Chunpeng met with the delegation of Macquarie University including Professor Sakkie PRETORIUS, vice president of scientific research, Professor Roger CHUNG, vice president of scientific research of School of Medicine and Health Sciences, and Ms. Kate ROTH, vice director of the office of higher degree partnership and scholarship.

SONG Chunpeng warmly welcomed Sakkie PRETORIUS and fully affirmed the preparatory work of the Joint Innovation Center in the early stage. He hoped that the two universities would take the center’s establishment as an opportunity to strengthen dialogue and develop deeper cooperation in biology, agriculture, medicine and other related fields.

Professor Sakkie PRETORIUS affirmed the results of the cooperative research in the early stage, expressed the desire to carry out more joint research with HENU, and was full of confidence in the later joint research.

After the meeting, SUN Junjian and Sakkie PRETORIUS, on behalf of the two universities, held the opening ceremony of Biomedical Joint Innovation Center of HENU and Macaulay University at HENU School of Life Sciences, and signed a substantive cooperation agreement.

SUN Junjian said that the two universities will make use of the high-quality resources of HENU and Macquarie University to build a world-class interdisciplinary innovation platform, and use advanced biomedical and nanotechnology to provide solutions for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.

Sakkie PRETORIUS said that Macquarie University has strong strength in neuroscience, cognitive science, biotechnology, environmental science, Nanophotonics and other fields, and pays attention to the linkage with the industry, as well as the transformation and commercialization of scientific research results.