Nobel Laureate Prof. Joachim FRANK is Appointed as Chairman of HENU International Academic Committee and President’s Distinguished Professor


From November 1st to 5th, the 2017 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry, Professor of Columbia University, Mr. Joachim FRANK with his wife, and Professor Frances ZHAO of Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons visited HENU. Joachim FRANK was appointed as the chairman of HENU International Academic Committee and the president’s distinguished professor and made a report for teachers and students of HENU.

On November 2nd, the appointment ceremony and academic report was held in the lecture hall of HENU Jinming campus. HENU President SONG Chunpeng attended the activity.

SONG Chunpeng warmly welcomed Joachim FRANK and said that Columbia University is a world famous university and Professor FRANK is a world-class scientist. Professor FRANK joining HENU this time will help to further strengthen the communication and cooperation between the two universities and promote discipline construction, talent training and scientific research of HENU, which is of great significance to improve the international running level and comprehensive strength of HENU.

SONG Chunpeng Awarded Joachim FRANK the Appointment Letter of Chairman of HENU International Academic Committee and HENU President’s Distinguished Professor.

After the appointment ceremony, Joachim FRANK visited the Central Plains Life Science Forum of HENU, and made an academic report entitled “Single-particle Cryo-EM of Biological Molecules: Visualization of Biological Molecules in Their Native States” for the students of HENU School of Life Sciences and HENU Medical School.

On November 4th, LIU Zhijun, HENU Party committee member and vice president, met with Joachim FRANK at the administrative building of HENU Jinming campus. He expressed thanks and congratulations to Professor FRANK and believed that with the help and guidance of Professor FRANK, the scientific research level of HENU could be improved.

After the meeting, Professor Joachim FRANK gave a lecture entitled “My Life in Science” in the 249 lecture hall.

During the visit, Joachim FRANK had a discussion with relevant researchers at HENU School of Life Sciences, and made in-depth discussion on personnel training, scientific research, etc., and initially reached cooperation intention in scientific research cooperation, protein structure and function analysis, construction of frozen electron microscope platform, etc.