An Introduction to Plant Germplasm Resources and Genetic Engineering Laboratory

Henan University,March 28, 2011

Plant Germplasm Resources and Genetic Engineering Laboratory was originally founded in1999, formerly known as the Genetic Laboratory of the department of biological engineering of Henan University, one of the important scientific research and postgraduate training bases in College of Life Science of Henan University. It was twice selected as the key laboratory of Henan University in 2001 and 2008, and was selected as the Open Laboratory of key disciplines in Henan Province in 2010.

Plant Germplasm Resources and Genetic Engineering Laboratory began relying on the key Provincial Primary Discipline "Biology", focusing on interdisciplinary and making full use of the research base and superior resources of related disciplines in Henan University. We concise our direction positively, create our brand, form our features, do what ought to do and don't do what should not do. Basic research and applying basic research in related fields were strengthened and the applicable outcomes are actively promoted for the service of local economic construction.

The lab undertakes the task of botany, ecology, genetics doctoral in the key Provincial Primary Discipline "biology", and postgraduate training task of agronomy crop genetic breeding of Master Degree, supporting the development task of the discipline construction and degree program construction of two subjects "biology" and "crop genetic breeding". Eight of the members currently have PhDs; there are three professors, six associate professors and eight other people, forming a good academic team, which have powerful faculties. The Laboratory grasps the discipline development dynamic both from at home and abroad, with combining national needs and local characteristics, forming three distinct characteristics and interrelated key research directions, which are wheat Germplasm Innovation, Horticultural Plant Germplasm Resources excavations, plant growth promoting bacteria action mechanism and the biological control of plant diseases. Laboratory researchers closely combine the reality of Henan Province with serve the local construction. One person undertakes the technology commissioners of Henan Tianmin Seed Industry, and one person takes the part-time job as the vice dean of Luohe Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and the lab has signed the technological cooperation agreement and horizontal research projects with Henan Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Luohe Academy of Agricultural Sciences, which provided the technical support for cultivating talents of scientific research units and raised the level of scientific research. We apply basic theory to practice, face the need of local economic construction, bear many national and provincial projects, and have declared 4 national invention patents. The lab is doing contribution for state and local economic construction positively and development of new high-technology, which have made important research progress.