An Introduction to the Neurobiology Laboratory

Henan University,March 28, 2011

In order to fill a gap in the neurobiology research in Henan province, accelerate the development of this subject and upgrade the research level quickly, the Neurobiology laboratory of Henan University arises at a historic moment after the integration of qualified personnel from the relevant subjects in the College of Medical Science and Medical College, such as anatomy, histology & embryology, biochemistry, physiology and pathology.

Our general goal is that we will focus on the study of development and ageing, through viviperception of synapses as the technique pedestal, build a first-class laboratory aiming at engaging in the international advanced researches.

As we know, life science has become the major subject which leads the developmental trend of science and technology. In the life science, neuroscience booms abruptly. Some big breakthroughs have been achieved in the studies on the development and the function of the nervous system and the intelligence exploitation of the brain. In addition, the substantial progresses have been made in the diagnoses and therapies of some neurogenic and psychiatric diseases, such as Parkinson`s disease, Alzheimer`s disease and epilepsy which have perplexed and affected people's health for a long time. Therefore, right now scientists are engaging in neuroscience with unprecedented interests and investment. Thus, it has made neuroscience becomes one of the most popular and potential subjects in the life science.

Henan University has paid great attention to the development of this subject and established the Neurobiology Laboratory at first in Henan Province. The institute has integrated the technical force from the anatomy, histology & embryology, pathology, biochemistry, neurology of the medical college. Meanwhile, with Dr. Deng Jinbo from Brown University of the US, joining the group as a forerunner of the subject, the technology and academic level of the institute is elevated quickly.

Through our endeavor of one year, a well organized troop with high academic level has been set up, which is the long-term developmental base of the institute. In conclusion, through one-year development, the institute has made great progress. We have owned a well-equipped laboratory, a high qualified teaching and research troop and the clear study goals. In the meantime, we establish close research cooperation with other well-known research institutes or universities at home and abroad in scientific research and graduate student training. We have invited several distinguished scholars domestically and overseas as the adjunct professors. No doubt, the advantages above will lay a strong foundation for the teaching, research, academic communication and the application of the authority for doctor's degree in the institute.