Brief Introduction to “National PE and Art Teachers Training Base” in Henan University

Henan University,March 28, 2011

National PE and Art Teachers Training Base in Henan University was established in 2002 according to "Suggestion of the General Office of Ministry of Education on the Construction of National PE and Art Teachers Training Base"(Sports and arts education【2001】8), being one of the first national talents training bases founded in 12 universities, which aim at specific goal, advanced reform, outstanding results, qualified teachers, advanced facilities, excellent education, and first-rate quality, meanwhile fully plays a demonstrative and diffusive role in the training work for PE and art teachers.

Since the foundation of the base, the Art College and Physical Education Department have successively undertaken and fulfilled the 5th National Elementary and Secondary School Music and Art Teachers' Fundamental Competition and relevant training work , the training of Henan elementary and secondary school backbone teachers,and the training of sports and art teachers in Henan higher education.It has played a significant role in sports and art personnel training for the whole country and Henan province.