Brief Introduction to Henan University Library

Henan University,March 28, 2011

Henan University Library was founded in 1912. The library now has eight administrative sections, including Collecting and Editing Center, Party and Government Office, Technical Section, Information Section, Special Collection Section, Circulation Section, Periodical Section and Reading Room. It has 36 stacks and reading-rooms, 43 outward service windows and 6,000 seats or more,which makes it one of the biggest university libraries in Henan Province. These stacks and reading rooms are mainly used to provide documents and information services to readers, such as borrowing, reading, interlibrary lending, consultation, self-study, retrieval, and so on.

Henan University Library has a collection of 4.3 million books or more, including over 3 million paper books and 1.3 million e-books which cover various disciplines, such as social, human and natural sciences. The holdings are especially abundant in literature, history and foreign languages. The library has collected more than 4,000 kinds of newspapers and periodicals and 180,000 original foreign language books, including a dozen of languages, such as English, Russian, French, Japanese, and so on. There are more than 200,000 thread-bound ancient books among which more than 8,000 are rare books and 19 kinds are listed in the national key protected ancient books. In March 2008, Henan University Library became one of the first 51 key heritage sites under state protection.

The library has a rich collection of electronic resources including 43 data bases, 20,000 or more discs and microfilms. Campus Network can be used equally by every student. And the library has bought large-scale documental data bases, such as Elsvier, BP, EBSCO and Springer, which can basically meet the needs of teaching and scientific researches.