Centre for Environment and Health Engineering Technology Research of Universities of Henan

Henan University,March 28, 2011

The Centre for Environment and Health Engineering Technology Research of Universities of Henan is one of the approved constructions of "the first Center for Engineering Technology Research of Universities of Henan" in 2008. It was formed by combining relevant sections of the College of Environment and Planning, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, College of Medicine. The academician of the US Academy of Science----Kenneth J.Hsu serves as the Director of the Center, operated by College of Environment and Planning. Laboratory Centre is established by related colleges, and according to the projects, the pilot test base built demonstration in different places. At present,they have two pilot test bases: Kaifeng NO.3 Waterworks (completed) and Beijing Green Lake. Demonstration projects are the Beijing Daoxiang Lake, Anyang Expressway and Dongguan Water Factory.

◆The Main Directions and Technical Leaders

1. Producing drinking water and treatment technology

The technical leaders:The Esteemed Academician Kenneth J.Hsu,Professor QIN Mingzhou

There are two industrialized technologies: one is the technology of integrating waterway to drinking water which applies to nitrite pollution, treat mixed waste water and remedy water body of lakes and rivers, produce drinking water, etc. The other is the electrochemical method of drinking water technology for sewage treatment, desalination of sea water, aquaculture and water supply and so on.

2. Industrial wastewater recycling technology

The technical leaders:Professor DONG Xuezhi,Professor LI Deliang

The treatment and recycling of the black liquor is a proved technology with a leading reputation in China, which can be directly used in distilling calcium carbonate products. Meanwhile, they are carrying out researches in other fields such as waste water, aluminum ore and red mud.

3. The research on the relationship between Nitrite and human health

The technical leaders:The Academician Kenneth J.Hsu, Professor HUANGFU Chaoshen

It mainly works on the relationship between Nitrite and human health, especially nitrite and cancer cell quantity, whose purpose is to confirm their interrelationship. It will give theoretical support in medicine on drinking water and break a new evolution theory of cancer to recognize cancer and reduce the morbidity and mortality.