Diagnosis and Development Laboratory of Human Motor Function

Henan University,March 28, 2011

Diagnosis and Development Laboratory of Human Motor Function, based on sports science, supported by college characteristic and preponderant discipline laboratory built by the central and local governments, research laboratories of Henan University, open key laboratory of Henan University and the key research base of State Sport General Administration, has become an integrated laboratory including a set of researchs such as competitive sports, school sports and general public health, and with the functions of teaching, research, training and external services.

In recent years, it has received more than ¥300 million funds from the Ministry of Finance, the Province and the University. The advanced teaching and research equipments were purchased, and the laboratory environment has been improved, which makes it into an open modern teaching and research center for the students and the public.

The total construction area of the Laboratory is 1,200 square meters. Currently it is equipped with 14 teaching and research laboratories. It also has an excellent teaching team with advanced educational philosophy and teaching and research ability. At present, there are 18 full-time teaching and research staff members with senior professional title and above or PhD.

Through years of efforts, it has accumulated a wealth of study results in 3 fields which are the theory and practice of monitoring the sports training, the biological mechanisms of health and exercise adaptation, the development of exercise prescription and the mechanism of fitness about traditional sports, which are at the leading level in the province and even in an advanced position in China. Two experimental teaching platforms, the human body diagnosis and physical assessment and the exercise skill teaching and training monitoring, have been constructed; A pilot project involving three levels of the basic experiment, the comprehensive experiment and the design experiment has been set, which have made the foundation for the students to develop into practical talents who can "master many skills while specialize in one".