Electronic Technology Lab of Measurement & Control

Henan University,March 28, 2011

The laboratory relies on the programs of microelectronics and solid state electronics, optical engineering,and detection technology and automatic equipment.At the same time, it is intersected with other subjects, such as condensed matter physics.Condensed matter physics has the right to award doctorate and master's degree, and the disciplines of detection technology and automatic equipment, optical engineering, optics, theoretical physics, microelectronics and solid state electronics have the right to award master's degree, and the lab has all the research groups of the above directions.In the aspects of optical communications and optical sensing, and robot technology and system, we have undertaken years' steady work, conducted years' personnel training and academic accumulation, set up our own research model and formed our own research characteristics. The main research directions of the laboratory:(1) Optical fiber sensing and testing;(2) Robots and MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems). The two above subjects have 16 major members, including one professor, six associate professors, five persons with doctorate, and eight persons with master's degree. Academic community is mainly formed by young scholars, and the structures of the title and age are both reasonable. In recent years, the laboratory members have participated in and completed 21 various research projects, published 41 papers retrieved by SCI and EI, applied for 5 national invention patents and utility model patents, among which there are a number of advanced results. With 150 square meters housing areas, the laboratory has adequate books and possesses large equipments such as molten pull cone systems, intelligent robots, spectrometers, optical power meters, lock-in amplifiers, automatic precision grinding and polishing machines, storage oscilloscopes, helium-neon lasers, piezoelectric ceramic controllers, Raman amplifiers, EDFA, optical circulators, tunable lasers, system analyzers, high-precision wavelength meters etc. The total value is as much as 120 million Yuan.