Laboratory of Animal Transgenic and Cell Engineering

Henan University,March 28, 2011

The laboratory of animal transgenic and cell engineering was founded in 2007, and it was added as a key laboratory of Henan University in 2009. In 2010, it became an open laboratory of key disciplines in Henan Province. Drawing on expertise and infrastructure provided by the College of Life Sciences and the doctor station of the first level discipline of biology, the laboratory flourishes and its coverage includes zoology, developmental biology, cell biology, molecular biology, animal functional genomics, molecular genetics, cell engineering, transgenic animal technology, embryology, biological materials and so on. It owns qualifications to grant master degrees of zoology, developmental biology and neurobiology. The laboratory follows the pace of the international frontier of life sciences and devotes to achieving the goal of advanced starting point, high level, originality and serving the society. It strives to combine the top research field of life sciences with the application of agricultural sciences and technology most concerned by our country. It has specified its research directions and has formed its sharp-cut characteristics and advantages. And also a plurality of accumulation has been made in the fields including transgenic animal and functional genomics, somatocyte reprogramming and cell differentiation, screening and purification of bioactive molecules. There is a high-level research team in the laboratory with younger age and high education level. At present, there is 1 jointly appointed academician, 1 Yellow-River scholar, 1 specially invited professor, 1 professor supported by the fund for creative talents in colleges, 12 associate professors, and 7 lecturers and supporting staff members. And 13 among them have doctor degrees. The lab undertakes 4 national programs including the 973-plan issue-oriented program, the key special subject of transgenic, the project of National Natural Science Foundation, and many other projects of provincial and ministerial level. The Laboratory has published 150 academic papers, among which 26 papers were accepted by the SCI. We positively collaborate with a number of prestigious institutes, such as China Agricultural University, the National Laboratory of Agricultural Biotechnology, Beijing Research Center of Genomics, Beijing Research Institute of Zoology, Shanghai Research Institute of Biochemistry and Laboratory for Synthetic Polymer Engineering of Fudan University.