Laboratory of Efficacy Substances and Original Medicine

Henan University,March 28, 2011

The Laboratory of Efficacy Substances and Original Medicine, the advanced entity for teaching and scientific research, focuses on the efficacy materials and drug delivery system (DDS), especially the application of these novel materials and system in high science and technology. In 2010, under the leadership of Professor Xu Qitai, a famous expert in pharmacodynamics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, relying on the key disciplines of Traditional Chinese Medicine and pharmaceutics,the Laboratory was built on the basis of the Lab of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Lab of Pharmaceutics.

The laboratory, devoting to the researches on the efficacy substances of Traditional Chinese Medicine and nanoparticle drug delivery system, is an earlier group in this field in China. So far, the laboratory has undertaken more than 10 national projects (including Natural Science Foundation of China), more than 20 projects from Henan Province as well as several projects cooperated with big companies. Over 100 papers have been published; 10 more patents have been approved and more than 10 kinds of new drugs obtained certificates and put into production.

With years' development, the lab has developed an academic team in which the academician is the core and the young scientific and technical personnel the main body with a reasonable structure considering both the disciplines and their ages. There are 16 fixed researchers, including 1 academician and 6 professors. It also owns a set of modern facilities worth 10 million yuan and a pilot test base. With a strong capability of scientific researches, developing and cultivating talents, the lab is now enrolling undergraduate and postgraduate students in many disciplines such as Pharmacy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmaceutical Preparation.