Laboratory of Nursing

Henan University,March 28, 2011

The Laboratory of Nursing was established in 2005, formerly known as the Nursing Laboratory Center. The goal of the Laboratory is to meet society's demands for skilled nursing professionals by reinforcing the overall competence, innovative capabilities, and hands-on skills in our nursing students, and to support and encourage reforms and innovations of experimental teaching. Currently, the Laboratory of Nursing has become a crucial platform for the research activities of the School of Nursing, as well as for the training of graduate students. It assumes the educational responsibilities for two master's programs, "Nursing" and "Public Health and Healthcare Management", and supports the construction of key nursing disciplines in Henan Province. The Laboratory of Nursing consists of five research areas: "Nursing Education", "Community Nursing", "Nursing for AIDS Patients", "Nursing and Rehabilitation for Chronic Diseases", and "Nursing Psychology". There are totally 20 faculties here, including 5 professors, 12 associate professors, and 2 lecturers. Currently, there are 21 laboratory rooms with a total area of 1700 m2. The Laboratory of Nursing is well-equipped with a total instrumentation investment of 4.8 million yuan RMB, including 716 pieces of capital asset and 20 instruments with a price over ten thousand yuan RMB. The Laboratory meets the demands of nursing discipline development by ensuring high level teaching and research activities. The development goal of the Laboratory of Nursing is to become an open laboratory with educational, research, and community service functions. Under the guidance and coordination of the school's leadership team, it will continue to combine scientific research with discipline establishment by integrating all resources, with a clear goal of producing high-level innovative professionals and high-level scientific research. Through the present construction of the primary level master's program of nursing, we can lay a firm foundation in applying for the doctoral program of nursing in future.