Open Laboratory of Environmental and Analytical Sciences

Henan University,March 28, 2011

Open Laboratory of Environmental and Analytical Sciences,relying on the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, was established in 2010 and approved to run by Henan University in 2011. Open Laboratory, emphasizing on solving environmental problems and utilizing pollutants, covers three major research fields: (1) separation and analysis of organic pollutants, (2) control and utilization of pollutants, (3) study of reaction mechanism of the important atmospheric pollutants. Laboratory's managerial style is open, flexible, united and competitive and its employing mechanism is transparent, fair, competitive, preferential and rotational. Presently there are 19 regular employees in laboratory, including 5 professors, 9 associate professors and 14 doctors. There are 4 Master's degree programs in the fields of analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, environmental science and environmental engineering.

Paying close attention to cooperate with enterprise and strengthen the ability to achieve the projects outside the school, Open Laboratory has gained 3 projects of the National Natural Science Funds, 2 third prizes of the Henan Provincial Science and Technology Award, and 6 invention patents. The Technology of utilizing black liquid generated with papermaking, which was invented by Professor Dong Xuezhi, has been used in many industrial enterprises such as Wuhan Chenming Hanyang Paper Factory and Henan Huafeng Paper Company, and has brought in billions of profit. Scientists in the laboratory have scored series of important achievements in preparation and application of visible photo-catalyst, control and utilization of pollutants made by papermaking and reaction mechanism about sulfur-containing atmospheric pollutants. More than 100 academic papers of high quality have been published in journals at home and abroad, which make fundamental and strategic contribution to the economic development and environmental protection of Henan Province.