Physical Education Reform and Development Research Center of Henan University

Henan University,March 28, 2011

1. Introduction

Physical Education Reform and Development Research Center of Henan University was founded in 1998 and key research institutions of Henan University was granted to it in October 1999. In January 2006, it was approved as Key Research Center of Sport Social Sciences of the General Administration of Sport of China. The Center is the only national sports body of scientific research entity in Henan Province. It is a comprehensive sports research institution of General Administration of Sport of China, sports authorities of Henan Province and relevant authorities.

Physical Education Reform and Development Research Center of Henan University was granted as chief section scientific research institution and attached to Physical Education Department. The director of the centre is Professor Yang Jun; the deputy director is Professor Han Xue and Professor Zhang Dachao. The Center is based on Physical Education, Physical Education Training Dr authorization, Master of Physical Education. The centre focuses on the research of the major issues, key issues and hot issues in the development of Sports China. The Centre has four research branches : Institute of Physical Education, Sports Institute of Social Sciences, Technology Security Training Institute, Central China Institute of Physical Culture.

After 10 years of development, the center has owned a competent research team. It has 24 full-time researchers and 20 part-time researchers, of whom 19 are professors, 21 are Philosophy Doctors, 2 comes from Steering Committee of Department of Education University and College Physical Education. 1 is a vice president of national higher education Physical Education Research Committee, 5 are Academic Technology Leaders in Henan Province, 3 outstanding teachers in Henan Province, 2 are teaching masters and 1 is a Innovator of Henan Province, Henan Province, 6 outstanding young people are the backbone of Henan Province Higher Education. 2 people have served as the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and Beijing Paralympics Technical Officials.

2. Development Goals and Orientation

Basing on the new direction of the development of Sports of China as well as the Central Plains characteristics, the centre has four development goals.

⑴Build a scientific research base of coordinated development of mass sports, the Central Plains culture, school sports, mass sports and competitive sports.

⑵Build a base to cultivate fitness instructors, senior coaches, high-level athletes, sports administrators, sports teachers, scholars and other international sports scholars.

⑶ Provide the theoretical support for relevant sports project ("Fitness Project for Peasants", "Sunshine Sports", " a Well-off Sports County of Henan Province ", etc.) and make the centre become consultancy base for the relevant state government departments and the development of sports of Henan Province

⑷Build a base which is a combination of production, learning and research and offer help for training of General Administration of Sport of China, Competitive Sports of Henan Province and provide services for the physical and public health assessment and growth and development of children and adolescents.

3. Research Areas

In the 10 years development, the center do research on regional development strategies, history, culture, sociology, regional economics, education, public administration and other key subjects , forming a relatively stable area of research .

ⅠTheory and Practice of Urban and Rural Sports Development

Main content: Sports in urban and rural areas of Henan Province; rural sports development strategy; in the process of building a harmonious society, rural sports development system and operational mechanism; rural sports fitness project design and practice; rural sports fitness system and operating mechanism studies; Gym resource allocation theory; urban and rural sports resource assessment studies; construction of sports facilities in urban and rural areas; urban physical education theory and practice of performance evaluation.

ⅡCentral Plains Sports Culture Research.

Main content: The Position of Central Plains Sports Cultural Heritage in China's; The Vital Role Played by Henan sports heritage in shaping Henan culture soft power; Central Plains Sports Culture type, distribution and law of evolution; the relationship between Central Plains Historical Evolution of Sports Culture and social development of Henan Province; the means of development of Central Plains Sports internationally and domestically; the relationship between Central Plains Sports System evolution and social norms, social laws and regulations; different Sports Outlook of different dynasties government and management mechanism; the mechanism and development of fitness of Central Plains traditional sports items (such as Tai Chi, Shaolin boxing, etc.)

Ⅲ Harmonious development School Sports, Mass Sports and Competitive Sports

Main content: School sports, mass sports and the theory of competitive sport development research; the mode and operating mechanism of various Talents of Henan Province for sports; PE Teaching Innovation and Development of higher education; the National System of Health Services; sports training and The security system of Education; "Integration" means of implementation; School Physical Education Reform and Youth Health Promotion.

4. Main Results

The Center has made fruitful achievements since its foundation. It has issued outside and inside more than 300 articles, of which more than 200 are core journals articles, published 50 monographs, translations, academic books and teaching materials, hosted national and provincial project more than 20, won national, provincial and ministerial level awards more than 20, and has trained nearly 200 post graduates. Among them, 60 articles are received by CSSSI and CSCD, more than 20 articles was reprinted fully. Its results have been selected by more than 40 major international and domestic sports science conferences. They are the 29th Olympic Games Sports Science Conference, 12th International Conference of Sports Information Science, 2004 Scientific Assembly of the Asian Sports Management, the National Sports Science Conference, the National School Sports Science Conference, University Games Sports Science Conference, the first national doctoral forum.

Currently, researchers have achieved remarkable results in sports assessment , school sports development strategy, coordinated development of urban and rural sports, traditional sports development, etc. Professor Yang Jun has twice successfully applied the National Social Science Fund Project, "Deng Xiaoping Theory and Chinese sports" and "sports assessment theory and practice" ; in 2007, Associate Professor Hong Hao, the National Social Science Fund Project, "Modernization of Chinese Traditional Martial Arts"; in 2009, Professor Zhang Dachao, the National Social Science Fund Project, "Resource Allocation of Gym Construction and evaluation of theory and empirical research"; Professor Wang Chongxi, key project of Ministry of Education, "sports, art 2 +1 Project" experiment ball skill level evaluation plan" and " Professional Development Centre Perspective of Physical Education Teachers Professional Identity"; Professor Qiao Fengjie, State Sports General Administration project, "the nature of the Kayak Slalom Exploration Reflection of law understanding of research" ; Professor Yang Gaisheng, Social State Sports General Administration project, " Transfer of modern competitive sports advantage of the law"; Professor Li Shengfu,General Administration of Sport Subject, " the policy of martial arts, and its function and role in the service of building a socialist harmonious society" and so on and so forth.