The Key Laboratory for Special Functional Materials

Henan University,March 28, 2011

As a basic applied laboratory for the high-tech application, the Key Laboratory for Special Functional Materials mainly researches on the preparation, structure and performance characterization of the materials, which is also a teaching and research institute for making scientific researches and postgraduate education. In 1998, under the leadership of Academician Dang Hongxin and relying on the key disciplinary area of the condensed matter physics and polymeric chemistry and physics, the Open Laboratory of Lubrication and Functional Materials of the institution of higher learning of Henan Province was organized on the basis of the Laboratory of Solid State Surface and the Laboratory of Polymer Chemistry and Physics in Henan University established by Professor Zhu Ziqiang and Professor Zhang Jüxian in 1980s. After that, Henan University was approved to organize a key laboratory by Henan Science and Technology Bureau and renamed the Key Laboratory for Special Functional Materials in 2001 and was approved to build a key lab of Ministry of Education and Henan Province by the Ministry of Education in 2003.

The laboratory is devoted to basic and application researches about nano materials, which is also one of the earliest groups in this field in China. Enclosing the economic construction demands of the state, especially Henan province, the researches in lab are focused on the developmental researches of applied technology, such as the synthesis process of surface-modified nano particles, the design of ordered nanostructure, optical-electrics transfer on surface of nano materials and application research in nano-lubrication additive, polymer-based nano composites, nano-optoelectronic devices and green leather auxiliary and nano-reduction and stimulation on oil exploration auxiliary, forming a characteristic research direction, including friction-reduced materials for energy saving, optoelectronic nanostructure materials and devices, novel energy materials and technology, measurement for biotechnique and medical materials. The laboratory has so far undertaken more than 30 national key projects, including National Science Foundation of China, State High Technology Research and Development Program (863 Program), National Basic Research Program (973 Program)and more than 100 key projects from Henan Province and several horizontal subjects with Shengli Oil Field, Luoyang Glass Group or other large-scale enterprises. By now more than 600 academic papers have been published. More than 20 patents are approved. And 6 kinds of industrial products from 2 series are manufactured.

After years of development, the laboratory has begun to take a shape. Now, there are 55 fixed researchers, including 1 academician and 18 professors. It has formed an academic team based on the academician, young and middle-aged scientific and technical personnel, and the reasonable subjects and ages. In the laboratory, there are a group of modern instruments and equipments worth of more than 30 million Yuan and an experimental base. It also has a greater capable of scientific researches, development and training talents. At present, some discipline points have recruited doctoral students and postgraduates on physics, chemistry, material science, etc.