The Office of Academic Affairs of Henan University

Henan University,March 28, 2011

The Office of Academic Affairs is in the charge of the vice president of Henan University, whose primary responsibility lies in teaching. Its main tasks include: to carry out the state policies and measures, to study the trend of higher education both at home and abroad, to cultivate competent and inter-disciplinary talents of high innovative spirit and service spirit for the country.

The Office makes the current teaching system reform as its top priority, which centers on curriculum construction, emphasizes teaching practice, standardization of management systems, reinforces team construction, formulates relevant policies to strengthen and extend basic and major courses teaching. Besides, the office takes a special interest in conducting the teaching according to the students' aptitudes, meets special needs of various students and offer individualized instruction. Thirdly, the Office breaks through the traditional teaching mode, carries out credit system and elective system under the supervise of the tutors, provides students abundant courses including basic courses (also called platform course), main courses, elective courses, courses for research and for practice and so on.

The system allows students to fully develop their personality and interests by providing them an environment with freedom and opportunity to reshape themselves.

With 28 staff members , the Office is a united pragmatic and innovative team.

The office consists of eight branches: General Office (GO), Office of Teaching Affairs(OTA), Office of Teaching Research(OTR), Office of Supervision(OS), Office of Examinations(OE),Office of Textbooks(OT), Office of Teaching Course(OTC), Office of Language Committee(OLC). Also there are 2 affiliated branches, Office of Admissions(OA) and Institute of Advanced Education.

Its respective functions are : being responsible for the undergraduate teaching management, teaching construction and reforms; being in charge of undergraduate enrollment, Examinations for the self-taught, Putonghua proficiency test; teaching and administrating of HNU experimental classes; teaching and administrating of students majored in clinical medicine.

To contact the office: (telephone) 0378-2866047; (fax) 0378-2866047.