Introduction of The School of Software


About Software College, Henan University
Software College, Henan University is located in Longzihu higher institute center, newly developed eastern district, Zhengzhou, which is directly under Henan University.  Relying on the excellent teaching resources of Henan University, Software College enhances its profound cultural deposit, closely around the goal of building an advanced university, insists on the proper development orientation, sets up the education idea---- service is the aim; market demand is the guide; students are the main body; employment is the goal; cultivating capability is the main thread. According to social demand for software talent, Software College offers majors like Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, Computer Application Technology, Network System Management, Multi-media and so on. Six distinctive majors cover the orientation of system analysis and software design, software process and management, database and information systems engineering, network communications and multimedia technology, embedded software technology, have formed software design and service oriented talent training system, which is to develop multi-level compound software talents with international competitive ability.
At present, Software College totally has 69 members of staff, including 45 full-time teachers. Among them, 29 are junior professors and associate professors. All the full-time teachers graduated with a Master degree or PHD. They have hosted or taken part in more than 20 programs, which are national, provincial or ministerial level, published over 100 academic essays, in which, 15 are embodied by SCI and EI and more than 30 are in core journals, won 9 provincial awards on technique and research, and been supported by the program of Henan higher institute for scientific innovation. In 2010, our teachers won two Second Prizes and one Third Prize in Henan Teaching competition and two First Prizes in Henan University Teaching Competition. To improve students’ quality and cultivate their ability has always been the priority of teachers. In recent years, students have continuously been awarded in different levels: national, provincial and school level, of competition. In the Fourth ITAT skill contest, our students won one Second Prize (the best award in Henan province), two Third Prizes and three Honorable prizes. In the NECCS, our students were awarded one Second Prize and Four Honorable Prizes.
Software College lays great emphasis on graduates’ employment, constantly strengthening career education and employment guidance. It consistently takes the ‘combination of education and employment’ as a core. In the area of talent education, curriculum design and students field practice, this college has actively established wide cooperation with internal and international famous IT industry and software centers. Together they set up training bases, flexible talent education model, and realized major co-building. At present, our college has formed different types, different levels and different features of cooperative relations with about ten internal and international IT enterprises, which has improved students’ employment competitiveness, technique and career adaptability. It has also satisfied enterprise’s talent demand model. Since the establishment of Software College, Henan University, employment rate has always been kept above 92%.

Brief introduction about our teachers
BaoJun Qiao, male, Han Nationality, born in May, 1975 in Jiaozuo city of Henan, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Master’s Instructor and Vice president of Software College, Henan University, has hosted or participated in 14 provincial-level projects, and published 27 papers in the past 5 years, of which 12 are core journals and 13 papers have been adopted by SCI, EI and received two the provincial level scientific research awards. In 2011, he has been supported by the Technological innovation Project Funding of Henan Province, courses:  Data Structure, Database Concepts, Software Engineering and other professional core courses.
Guo An Wang, male, Han Nationality, born in 1957, professor, vice director of Henan Education and Research Network expert committee, research field: computer network and application, has hosted or participated in 6 provincial and ministerial projects, published more than 30 academic essays, courses: Data Structure, Computer Network, Operating System and other professional core courses.
Yang Lu, female, Han nationality, born in 1972, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Master Instructor. She has engaged in computer education for along time. Yang Lu has hosted or participated in 6 provincial -level, municipal -level and university -level projects and obtained one first prize of the Department of Education Science and Technology Progress Award and third prize of a scientific and technological progress in Henan Province. She has won two national invention patent, published more than 20 academic articles, in which more than 10 papers at the national level and received first prize in the Teaching Competition of Henan University in 2004 and in Henan teaching skills competition in 2010.Courses: Basic Computer of university, DBase database, Visual FoxPro program design, Visual Basic Programming, Principle of Computer Organization, Data Structure, Access Program and other specialized core courses.
Xiao Jin Ren, male, Han, born in 1974, Ph.D, vice professor, Master’s Instructor, research field: P2P and network calculation, has hosted or taken part in 4 provincial and ministerial level projects, published above 20 academic essays in the past five years, among which, 5 essays are embodied by SCI and EI, 6 are core journals, courses: Data Structure, Computer Network and other professional core courses.
Pei Ning Yan, male, Han Nationality, born in 1983, Ph.D., lecturer, has hosted or participated in 5 provincial-level or departmental-level projects and published two papers in international journals and 4 papers in domestic journals in the past 5years and obtained the second prize of Natural Science of Henan Province. In 2009, he won the third prize in Teaching Contest of Henan University, courses: Data Structure, Object-oriented Programming, Assembly Language and other professional core courses.
Jinghua Bai, female, Hui Nationality, born in 1963, BA, Associate Professor, has hosted or participated in 4 provincial-level and municipal-level projects and published 11 papers including 3 core journals, and compiled 5 teaching books of college, courses: Higher Mathematics Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics, Operations Research, Linear Programming.