Milestones of Henan University Website


    With the rapid development of the Internet, Henan University issued Notice on the Institution of Campus Network Page Editing Committee on March 9th, 2000. Three then-leaders was appointed as committee director and deputy director. Editorial Department, one part of the committee, was taken charge by vice minister of Publicity Department. Through page editing and technique testing, Henan University Website was formally launched in January 2000. As the only official network platform to release information, the website is edited, managed by Editorial Department of Party Propaganda Department, and supported by Network Information Center.
    In September 2002, during the 90th anniversary of Henan University, Henan University Web Studio was established by Editorial Department. All the members of the Web Studio are graduates and undergraduates in school who are in charge of assisting teachers of Editorial Department in designing and editing web pages. Almost 20 website’s editing work, including the four revisions of Henan University Website homepage, the anniversary website and other special website are accomplished by these students. In 2004, members of the Web Studio managed to make and edit video news with the help of teachers. In 2005, they shot the first DV play in Henan University, the shining hit in a second.
    On October 9th, 2010, the official micro-blog of Henan University was set up on Sina Website. In 2011, the English Edition of Henan University Website homepage has been improved step by step and has added the section for instant news.
    After revised four times from its establishment to 2010 for applying to the development of the propaganda on network, Henan University Website demonstrates the image of the school by introducing its development via the gradually improved network platform. In addition, the Henan University Web Studio has obtained the title of Excellent Ideological and Political Education Network (2004), 2010 Excellent University Portal in Henan Province and so on.