Research Profile of Henan University

Henan University,March 28, 2011


To enhance independent innovation ability, Henan University lays equal stress on the research of both nature and humanities and social sciences. With the aim to build itself into a high-level university, it attaches great importance to basic theory research, applied techniques development and sci-tech fruits' transformation and popularization. Now a mutually developing research pattern with its own characteristics and strength has formed.

  • Labs and Centers

Currently, 111 research sectors at various levels of different disciplines have been set up at Henan University. In the field of nature sciences, it has 1 engineering research center under Ministry of Education (Engineering Research Center of Drag-reducing Additives), 4 provincial key laboratories (Key Laboratory of Special Functional Materials, Key Laboratory of Plant Stress Biology, Key Laboratory of Natural Medicine and Immuno-engineering, Key Laboratory of Photovoltaic Materials), 1 provincial engineering research center (Engineering Research Center of Nanomaterials), 9 provincial open labs for key disciplines, and 3 provincial Engineering Research Center in Universities. In the field of humanities and social sciences, it has 1 key human/social science research base under Ministry of Education (Key Research Institute ), 2 key research bases under State General Administration of Sports (Research Center for Physical Education Reform and Development, Research Center for Physical Culture), 10 provincial key research bases, which comprise a state/province/university-centered research platform supplemented by college-level research centers.

  • Projects

During the period of "11 th Five-Year Plan", Henan University took on 275 provincial/ministerial research projects, and 256 state research projects supported by "863" program, "973"program, Natural Science Fund, National Social Science Fund, and National Major Technological Project.

  • Prizes

During the period of "11 th Five-Year Plan", Henan University won 152 prizes in scientific research at or above provincial/ministerial level.

  • Papers, Course books, academic works

During the period of "11 th Five-Year Plan", researchers of Henan University have published 11,500 papers, and more than 700 course books or academic works.

  • Patents

During the period of "11 th Five-Year Plan", Henan University has submitted 177 patent applications and 95 of them are of invention. As one of the fourth batch of pilot testing units for Intellectual Property, it has begun to prepare the establishment of "Henan Intellectual Property Training Center".

  • Application

Henan University has carried out broad cooperation with enterprises in the research of efficient productivity and national economic development. The new technique put forward by its experts “Pollution Control in Papermaking and Resource Utilization of Waste Materials” has been listed in Technical Catalog of Environmental Protection Encouraged and Developed by the State. Moreover, experts from College of Economics, College of Environment and Planning, and the Research Institute