About Henan University Library

Henan University,March 28, 2011

Henan University Library was founded in 1912,The library now has eight service departments, 36 reading-rooms in which there are more than 6,000 seats,is the one of the biggest university libraries in Henan Province. These reading rooms are responsible for services such as borrowing, consultation, inter-library loans, help with information requests, searches, self-study, audio-visual services, and so on.

Since 1912, Henan University Library has collected a paper book collection of 3,000,000 copies, electric book collection of 1,300,000 copies, covering all central fields of inquiry such as the humanities, the social sciences, economics, administration and natural sciences. The holdings are especially strong in Chinese Literature, history, foreign language and law. The library has collected more than 4,000 essential periodicals. It has 180,000 titles in foreign languages, including English, Japanese, Russian, French, and German texts. In the library there are 200,000 thread-bound classical books, and more than 8,000 copies of rare books,19 copies of ancient rare books are protected by the Department of Culture of China.In March 2008, Henan University Library became the first major history and cultural sites under State protection, which has 51 libraries.

The library has a rich collection of electronic resources,which includes access to 43 data bases,40 free data bases and 20,000 kinds of disk-based material, patron can use data bases from networks both at home and abroad. The contents of these data bases include the humanities,social sciences and natural sciences, such as Elsvier,BP EBSCO, Springer, etc, promoting the development of the teaching and researching of Henan University.