An Introduction to Henan University

Henan University,June 12, 2019

Henan University, founded in 1912, is located in Kaifeng, a famous historic city which used to be the capital of China during eight different dynasties. In 2008, Henan University formally entered the list of the universities which are jointly developed by the provincial government and the ministry; in 2016, the University was selected in the “111 Plan”; and in 2017, the University becomes a “Double First-rate” university.

Henan University was formerly known as the Preparatory School for Further Study in Europe and America. It was later renamed Zhongzhou University, No.5 National Zhongshan University and Provincial Henan University. In 1942 its name was changed to National Henan University. After the founding of the People's Republic of China,  its name has been changed many times. Finally the name Henan University was restored in 1984.

For nearly 100 years since its founding, Henan University, adhering to its motto of “明德新民,止于至善(to illustrate illustrious virtue; to renovate the people; and to rest in the highest excellence)”, strengthening morality, has developed 600,000 kinds of talents. Among them, there are 57 academicians and members of the Social Science Academy.

Now Henan University is a comprehensive university with 12 branches of learning. It has established friendly relationship with more than 120 colleges in more than 40 countries and has become a member of the World Association of Universities and the Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific. Henan University now has 33 Schools (Departments), 97 undergraduate programs, 42 primary discipline Master’s programs, 20 professional Master’s programs, 20 primary discipline doctoral program and has 15 doctoral research centers.

Henan University has a strong working staff of more than 4300 individuals. Among them, there are 14 full-time and half-time academicians as well as 1700 professors and associate professors. Now there are more than 50,000 students receiving a full-time education here; among them there are nearly 10,000 postgraduates and nearly 500 overseas students. Henan University Library has collected a paper book collection of 5,200,000 copies, electric book collection of more than 7,000,000 copies. The University has more than 30 national and provincial level research teaching platforms. It has 3 campus covering a total area of 2,200,000 square meters with a room space of 1,470,000 square meters. The modern architectural complex on Minglun campus is a key cultural heritage site under state protection.

Henan University will take the construction of the world-class university as the main line, adhering to the China characteristics and the world first class, rooted in the Central Plains, facing the major strategic needs of the country, the main battlefield of economic society and the forefront of world science and technology development, comprehensively improving the ability and quality of personnel training, enhancing the comprehensive strength and the core competitiveness, and striving to build a comprehensive, research oriented world-class university with distinctive features.

Through 100 years of ups and downs, twists and turns, Henan University is going to embark on its journey to become a top university, with confidence and hope.